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What TheFlexBox?!

A simple, free 20 video course that will help you master CSS Flexbox!


What is this?

The first 13 videos are aimed at understanding the fundamentals of Flexbox - we will take a deep dive into understanding rows, columns, axes, wrapping, alignment, centering and layout. The last 7 are code alongs where we will build everything from a navigation to a mobile app layout entirely with Flexbox!

Who is Wes Bos?

Wes Bos is a fullstack developer and educator from Hamilton, Canada. Wes loves to break down complex topics into short, tasty, little tutorials. He has contributed to Smashing Magazine, CSS Tricks and NetMag as well as released React For Beginners, Sublime Text Power User and Command Line Power User.

What will you build?

Here are just a few things you will build entirely with Flexbox

A mobile app layout
A Flexbox Pricing Grid
An inline booking form

The Videos

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